The New Year ahead

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Looking forward to a happy and productive 2012 on the farm- the new kids that arrived in the fall are growing and have beautiful fleece. The great pyr puppies are growing into fine young guardian ladies- so proud of them. Waiting to see which of our does are bred – may have a few kids in the spring. Our bucks are young and I am not sure if they got the job done!

The past year was a very busy one- many new additions and projects- did not leave a lot of time for blogging. May have to institute a New Years resolution for that one……

Have a few festivals planned- attending the DFW Fiberfest in Texas- more spinning classes!

Planning for our booth at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival May 2012- completing our logo and packaging materials, designing our booth construction.

Had wonderful Holidays here on the farm. Although we were stressed by 2 goats with pneumonia, luckily both have pulled through and no others ill at the moment. Out vets are very helpful- met Dr McVay on Christmas Eve for a dose of Draxxin for little Yule May. Has been a mild and wet winter- still have a few long months yet to go.

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