the pygora goat

The pygora  goat is a small,spritely goat with beautiful fiber, great temperament and a hardy nature. They are a crossbreed- combining the wonderful fiber of the white angora goat and the spunky personality and small size of the pygmy. They are a delight to have on the farm due to their small size- easy to handle and house- and great personalities. When kidding comes- males not needed for breeding can be wethered(neutered) and kept for their fine fiber -decreasing the need to send animals to slaughter as with dairy and meat goats.  Pygora does are easy kidders, and twins are common. The pygora goat is naturally horned, but many are disbudded shortly after birth. Our horn policy is to leave the goats intact, no dehorning. We feel this is a better option in south, as the horns do provide a cooling mechanism. We also now have added angora goats to our farm that are horned as well.

Pygora is considered a luxury fiber  and ranges from the fine cashmere type(type C fiber) to that of mohair from the angora goat(type A fiber). The type B fiber is a blend between- with a soft, warm handle. Pygora fiber is dreamy to spin- either alone or blended with fine wools. The fiber can be spun in a fine lace weight for beautiful shawls, or blended into creative textural batts for chunkier, fun yarns.

For more information on pygora goats- please visit the Pygora Breeders Association website- The are a wonderfully complete source for everything pygora!

All of our foundation stock-  9 does, 3 bucks, 8 wethers- have come from Hawks Mountain Ranch in Oregon. All are type A or B fleece. We are now into our second breeding season (2013 spring kids expected), keeping all of our kids from the first season in our herd. We love these special little goats- it is hard to part with them.

Have a look around our site, if you have questions, would like to try some fiber, or even a goat- please feel free to contact us! Check us out on Facebook- it is usually the most up to date on all farm events!!


Thank you – Dawn and Paul Brown