Livestock Guardian Dogs








Christmas Night 2012 came a blizzard for us here on the farm….the girls are built for snow and loved it!!! They are now a year and a half old- each weighing 100 pounds. They are the an amazing force on the farm, a constant source of comfort, could not make it with out them.





September 2011 we added 2 great pyrenees puppies to the farm- sisters- Cali(aka Calamity Jane) and Belle(aka Belle Star)- named after notorious female outlaws! They came to us from Feathers and Fleece Farm in south Indiana. Good breeding and very well socialized- their kennel is excellent.

Can’t believe how fast they are growing- at 6 months they weigh in at 75 pounds. Both are loving, wonderful dogs with the most beautiful expressive eyes. They love their goats- but the cats are another issue!!!

Enjoying the last of the afternoon sun on an unusually pleasant January day.

Belle on her first day on the farm- getting a caprine introduction.

Belle patiently waiting on the goats to make their way to the barn