about our farm

We are a small 60 acre fiber farm set in the foothills of the Ozarks, near Pocahontas, Arkansas. Our farm actually sits in the old village of Attica, Arkansas. Currently, we raise registered pygora goats, as well as registered white and colored angora goats.  We also share the farm with 4 happy hens- silver-laced wyandottes and buff orpingtons- along with 8 “farm” cats and 2 labradors. The farm is guarded by two wonderful great pyrenees sisters, Calamity Jane and  Belle Star. Our philosophy with our farm is to raise healthy goats with good temperaments and fine fleeces, in a low stress environment- gentle handling, ample pasture for browsing, good shelter and fences, quality supplemental feed and mineral, access to needed vet care. We love raising happy goats!!

A long and winding road led my husband and me to our beautiful farm. It is a quiet, peaceful location that we try our best to care for and improve everyday. I hope you enjoy this site- keep us in mind if you are looking to add this wonderful goat to your farm, or would like to have some of this fabulous fiber!


***2014- Life is full of change and adventure…and as such…our next adventure will be moving the farm to Texas!! Texas is a great place to raise goats…more angora goats are raised there than any other state. While we are moving to the Bryan College Station area for work, all of the goats will be coming with us as we find the right “goat worthy” property. I just wish we could pick-up our current farm and move it as is with us…it is a beautiful place. Contact us if you are interested in a great farm!

Fall morning- old barn down the hill in the front pasture